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MN Writes MN Reads
For writers interested in easy-to-use, free resources for publishing and sharing e-books,
and for readers interested in discovering books by local writers, your Minnesota libraries bring you MN Writes MN Reads.
Local Writers–Create e-books and share them with readers across Minnesota and potentially the United States.
Readers–Find e-books published by independent authors. 

Sigma’s Bookshelf
Sigma’s Bookshelf is a traditional publishing company that exclusively publishes the work of teenage authors at no cost to them, and pays royalties for books sold online, in stores and at events. The company was started up in 2016 by Minnesota teenager Justin M. Anderson and his parents after the now 16-year-old’s debut book, Saving Stripes: A Kitty’s Story, published in 2015, was a success, selling more than 200 copies in its first year on the market. Realizing he didn’t know of any other teen writers with a book of their own, Justin wanted to help others enjoy their own publishing success. The company name was inspired by Sigma, one of the characters in Justin’s debut novel, Nothing But Troublepublished in 2017. The company has six other teen authored titles available as well: The Murder at Emerson’s by Ruby Jane Schwieger, A Rabbit’s Journey by Kody B. Nelson,  Guardian Angel by Kayla Klanreungsang, Lost & Found: Five People. Three Stories. New Beginnings. by Lily Van Allen, For Morgan by Carter Heintz and Ela’s Diary by Vivian Olson.

U of M Great River Review
Minnesota’s Longest-Running Lit. Journal
The longest-running literary journal in Minnesota, Great River Review was founded in 1975 at Mankato State. Beginning in 2016, Great River Review traveled upriver to its new home in the Program of Creative Writing at the University of Minnesota, where it published its first issue in 2017. At the University of Minnesota, Great River Review provides editorial experience for graduate students in English and Creative Writing (via a graduate seminar, ENGW 5130/ENGL 5090). Great River Review endeavors to bring the unique literary life of the Twin Cities to the rest of the world, even while bringing the rest of the world to the Twin Cities.

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